Kitt Van Hassel


​Simply Kitts Illustrations

cute creations for playful imaginations

Born in Geissen, Germany, Kitt grew up in Tempe, Arizona with an ever present desire to draw and create. Her family was very​ supportive and instrumental in her decision to follow the childhood dream of becoming an artist.

​In 2008, she left the desert and set up shop in Missouri, attending the Kansas City Art Institute to better her craft. After a short trial as a painting major, she transferred to illustration and finally found her niche. She spent several years learning under great artisans such as Nathan Fox, Maura Cluthe, Kyle Strahm and David Terrill, before graduating in 2013.

At present, she's still residing in Kansas City and continues working to better herself and her art. She's done work for such clients as the Kansas City Symphony, Windrose Armoury, and Great Wolf Lodge to name a few. She's currently working to gain more freelance work, while self publishing her own line of coloring books and trying to break into the comic convention market. Where there's a will, there's a way, and she continues working towards her goal ever hopeful and optimistic!